by Granddad

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These song were written in my kitchen, recorded in my garage, and mixed in my childhood bedroom in Nome, Alaska.


released November 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Granddad Fairbanks, Alaska

Granddad Is a three piece band from Anchorage, AK

We like having friends and parties


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Track Name: Always Every Time
Have I told you yet today
that your smile is the perfect complement
to the nightmares in my head?
Maybe if I was a bit closer
we could have avoided the disaster
we had in the end.
Now I'm alone
and you're unknown to me
and I can't change that again.

You are always on my mind,
always every time
I wake up.
You are always on my mind,
but never by my side.
Maybe we should change it up.

I'm sorry I'm so bad at texting,
it's so hard to say what I'm thinking
through the telephone.
And I'm missing the aurora;
I'd trade all of California
just to be back home.

It's not working.
Nothing I'm doing
is making me happy.

Maybe I should call you up.
Track Name: The Coast
and cigarettes
are only making me feel like I don't belong.
The hair on my chest
and the whiskey on my breath
doesn't make me any more than
the boy I was all along.

Take me back to the water now,
'cause I'm all dried out
and I want to see the coast.
Home isn't where you grew up
but where you find
the people you miss the most.

High school
had nothing to do
with the way I found myself
at twenty-three.
I'm older now
and I've gained a few pounds
and I'm re-meeting people
from English and P.E.

When I left,
I got on that jet
and said there's no way in hell
I'll ever be back again.
I guess I missed the cold air
and the wind messing up my hair,
and my childhood,
my family and my friends.

Home isn't where you grew up,
but sometimes it is
when you find yourself alone.