by Granddad

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released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Granddad Fairbanks, Alaska

Granddad Is a three piece band from Anchorage, AK

We like having friends and parties


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Track Name: Super Bowl CDXX
take me
anywhere you want to
our world is a dangerous place
not made for boys like us
i've seen
a hundred dreams come true
nightmares fill up the space
and form a mold between
our broken trust

i'll do whatever feels good
and there's nothing you can do to change my mind
i'll do whatever feels good
i'm sure it'll catch up with me in time

you're holding on so much tighter than me
Track Name: Way To Go, Paul
i went to college and i hated it
graduated 3.9
but i wasted lots of time
finding out
who i was

i kissed a lot of boys when i was there
but i've kissed more since i'm out
and i've learned a lot about
what i want
and it's not
anything to do with you

and if last night
was any indication
of my confusing, misguided education,
i think you'll find
we don't see eye to eye.
i think you'll see
you'd be better off if you left me
all alone

i've never felt so wronged
as i did when i was in school
and i've never felt so hopeless
as i do with you
Track Name: s/o 2 my anxiety
this is the weirdest year of my life
and i haven't even taken the hard stuff;
used to think i was so bright,
maybe i've just ran into bad luck.
i'd sell my soul to the devil
if he promised me happiness,
but the truth is i've used up my wishes
and the devil doesn't even exit.

i almost have a heart attack
every time i see you
i don't even want you back
i just want to be through

i don't know how to do my own taxes
i don't feel like a real adult;
i think i used up all my second chances
and everything is all my fault.
and god, you're still so handsome,
and i'm trying to change who i am,
but there's only so much i can handle
and it doesn't matter in the end
Track Name: Kirstie Alley's Rules to a Good Time
i'll tear myself apart
board by board
until there's nothing left of my heart
there's nothing anymore,
you were my reason to smile--
you were my reason to bleed,
and now my mouth
is full of wine,
lies and broken teeth.

you better grow up fast now,
you gotta earn your stripes.
the lessons you learn now,
they can be taught overnight.

i wanna cut off my hair
and tear out my eyes
and bite through all of my skin;
everything's ending
before i've even
had a chance to begin.
i want to get married
i want to see the world
i want to be old someday
i want to raise a little girl
Track Name: FY '14
i don't need saving
i've already saved enough
clipping coupons and collect calling your bluff.
i don't need revenge
but let's get even
you've got every reason to keep playing it so tough

you were there for all the worst
times of my life
no matter how hard
i tried to say goodbye;
i wanna be the one who
wets your eyes
i wanna be the knot in
the back of your throat

if you'd forgive me
if you'd forget me
it'd be so much more
than i deserve.
if you would tell me
just what you're thinking,
i'd be hanging on
to every word.

i don't need saving
i've already saved enough
a piggy bank full of all the lives i've loved.
you made a deposit
would you want to withdraw it?
transfer to a new account in full?